Monday, 18 May 2009

Vitaene C

Vitaene CMade by: Pokka Corp.

Origin: Japan

Imported into the UK by: tbc

Vitaene C is a carbonated vitamin drink (C and B) with a very bright, almost florescent yellow colour. On the nose it has a soft, powdery scent of mixed yellow and orange citrus fruits, icing sugar and sodium bicarbonate (reminds me of an effervescent vitamin C powder or tablet).

The palate confirms this, with light, powdery citrus and sherbet flavours, as the carbonation settles quickly, and a soft finish whose balance falls just on the sweeter side.

Packaging claims: None

Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, citric acid, flavouring, vitamin C, niacin amide, caffeine, sodium glutamate, sodium aspartate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12

Price: about £1.70 for a 240ml brown glass bottle, from specialist retailers


  1. is this drink nutritous or harmful?

  2. The emphasis of this drink is on the delivery of vitamins- principally C, but also B6 and B12, in a similar way to that of a vitamin supplement. Vitamin C drinks appear to be popular in Japan, as we have come across several brands with this core benefit. In so far as being in any way 'harmful', you may wish to consult current research into the use of HFCS as a sweetener, as well as research into MSG (sodium glutamate) intolerance.

  3. Is it good for health or harmful. Can we take this everyday?
    In which way it helps to body?

  4. this tastes like a mix of mountain dew and tonic water.

  5. can we take it everyday and can we give it to the cheldrin

  6. where i can buy this in london

  7. where can i buy this drink in uk?