Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Elephant Necto

Made by: Ceylon Cold Stores Ltd

Origin: Sri Lanka

Imported into the UK by: Universal Suppliers Ltd

Elephant Necto is a pale red, gently carbonated drink with a vibrant purple hue. Nosing this there is a pleasant, sweet aroma of blackcurrants, strawberries, a waft of fairground candy floss and the powdery scent of an effervescent drink tablet.

The palate follows on with attractive flavours of blackcurrant fool, strawberry, whipped cream and vanilla (think of a cream soda). There is an almost cordial or syrup-like quality to the fruit, but the drink remains light and fresh to taste, with the finish falling firmly on the sweeter side without being cloying.

Packaging claims: None

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, essence Necto, preservatives E211, colours E214, E122, E133

Price: Should be about £0.60 for a 325ml can, from specialist retailers


  1. Can you post this into a Wikipedia article?
    Necto, lanka lime (what happened to it), Orange Barley, and Portello are my favorite drinks.

  2. Thanks Ek- I'll give it a go. We get our Sri Lankan drinks from a store up in Archway and will keep our eyes open for others!

  3. My Sri Lankan parents got Me into this drink, an I still love it. Amazing. Usually buy it in a 1.5L bottle. So good :)

  4. If I want to buy where I can go
    I'm in Australia