Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yeo's Grass Jelly Drink

Yeos Grass Jelly Drink Made by: Yeos

Origin: China

Imported into the UK: Chadha Oriental Food Ltd

Grass jelly is a popular dessert in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, where it is cut into cubes, added to shaved ice or fruits and sweetened with honey or sugar. Grass jelly, popularly known as ‘Chin Chow’ is made from a type of herb belonging to the mint family (latin name: Mesona Chinensis). It is thought to have cooling (Yin) properties and therefore readily consumed in drinks as a form of refreshment in hot weather. In Vietnam it is believed to enhance female fertility, as the herb’s roots contain oestrogen. The black jelly strands are also stirred into soy milk in Malaysia to create a drink called ‘Michael Jackson’.

This is dark brown in colour with yellow highlights, certainly an unusual colour for a soft drink. There is a sizeable sediment of grass jelly strands suspended in the drink, comprising about one quarter of the can’s contents, and these sink to the bottom of the glass when poured. There is also a very light effervescence forming on the surface of the drink, as if the contents were fermenting quietly.

The nose is earthy and ‘rooty’ (reminds me of a root beer or a dandelion & burdock) with malt extract and a hint of liquorice coming through. The palate has a well-diluted caramel flavour (imagine a flat cola) with a drop of treacle and a sappy, leafy tang. This has a short finish, disappearing quickly, and confirming the well-diluted impression, with a grain of liquorice right at the end. The grass jelly strands break up easily in the mouth and add a light texture.

Packaging claims: Contains no preservatives, authentic Asian drink

Ingredients: Water, aqueous extract of Mesona Chinensis (1.5%), cane sugar, modified tapioca starch

Price: Should be about £0.70 for a 330ml can, from specialist retailers

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