Monday, 18 May 2009

Black Bean Calcium Soy Drink

Black Bean Calcium Soy DrinkMade by: Sahmyook Foods

Origin: Korea

Imported into the UK by: No details given

Black beans are known as ‘the queen of beans’ in Asia, and black foods comprise one of five food colour groups in Chinese medicine (the other four groups being: Green, red, yellow and white). Each food colour group is believed to relate to the correct functioning of specific organs in the human body. Black foods are believed to maintain healthy kidneys. A balanced diet that incorporates foods from each colour group is thought to keep the body healthy and well-nourished.

This drink is an opaque off-white, very similar to the colour of a good café latte. On the nose there is a fresh, earthy aroma of blended pulses (reminds me of a bean salad), a trace of cocoa and something more vegetal (think of wet tree bark or mushroom compost).

The palate is sweet at first, smooth, lightly viscous and creamy textured, with flavours of sweet beansprouts, creamed pulses and soya. The finish is round, soft, milky textured and sweet, but not cloying.

Packaging claims: No preservatives, no artificial flavours or colourings, no cholesterol

Ingredients: Coming soon- tbc

Price: about £0.70 for a 195ml tetra brik carton, from specialist retailers

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