Monday, 18 May 2009

Peanut and Milk Protein Drink

Peanut and Milk Protein Drink Made by: Xiamen Yinlu Foods Co Ltd

Origin: China

Imported into the UK by: Interlink UK Ltd

Peanut milk is made by soaking raw, ground peanuts in water, then heating the mixture (often with the addition of a small amount of salt and sugar to taste), and finally cooling and filtering the liquid through a strainer to obtain the 'milk'.

This peanut milk drink is an off-white opaque colour, with golden brown highlights (reminding me of a very milky tea). It has the direct and unmistakable aroma of freshly opened peanuts in their husks.

On the palate there is a satisfying weight to this, very round and lightly oily, with flavours of peanut butter, milky praline, a drop of clear honey and a texture reminding me of soya milk. The finish is soft and clean, with the balance firmly on the sweeter side.

Packaging claims: China top brand 2006-2009

Ingredients: Water, sugar, peanuts 8%, milk powder 5%, emulsifier (E473), artificial sweetener (E950)

Price: Should be about £0.60 for a 240ml can, from specialist retailers

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