Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tree Top Apple Juice

Tree Top Apple Juice Made by: Nemeco

Origin: France

Imported into the UK: tbc

Tree Top is made from Starking apple juice. Starking is a variety of red dessert apple that originated in the USA, and is notable for it's sweet, aromatic fruit.

This juice is a bright golden amber colour, non-carbonated and very lightly cloudy due to a fine apple pulp in suspension. Once opened a very fine mousse of pinhead bubbles appears on the surface of this drink, possibly as a result of it having been canned under pressure to protect it during transport and keep it fresh. These bubbles cannot be detected on the palate.

The nose combines aromas of apple compote, apple tart (reminds me of a good shortcrust pastry) and caramelised apple. On the palate this juice is fresh and gentle, revealing light but not dilute flavours of ripe dessert apple. The short, clean finish disappears to leave a trace of caramel in the centre of the palate.

Packaging claims: 100% Apple juice, no sugar added, no additives, the choicest fruit, half a century of tradition

Ingredients: Apple juice (Starking)

Price: Should be about £0.70 for a 330ml can, from specialist retailers

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