Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A-Tip Tamarind Drink

A-Tip Tamarind DrinkMade by: C & A Products Co Ltd

Origin: Thailand

Imported into UK: DY Eastern Foods Ltd

Tamarind is the pod-like fruit of a tropical tree often ascribed to India, but which in fact originates in East Africa. The name is derived from the Arabic 'tamr hindi' meaning 'Indian date', since the fruit first travelled back to Egypt and Persia from India. Tamarind fruit is highly versatile and is consumed in many forms, from drinks to candy. It's sweet-sour and acidic properties make it a key ingredient in many savory dishes, chutneys and sauces (for example, Worcester and HP sauces). Thailand cultivates a strain of Tamarind that is notably sweet, with a lower acidity, making the fresh fruit especially popular there.

This drink has a light red-brown colour, is cloudy and still, and contains a fine fruit pulp in suspension. The nose carries an earthy caramel aroma (think of malt extract or molasses), along with spiced orange and a grassy, sappy note of mint (reminds me of Grass Jelly at this point).

On the palate the sweet arrival develops rapidly into a sweet-sour theme. There is a satisfying texture and weight here also, combining elements of both pear and prune juice. Fresh and balanced now the earthy citrus flavours gather, only to dissipate leaving a warm, sour yet oddly refreshing citrus tang on the short finish.

Packaging claims: None

Ingredients: Water 82%, Tamarind Pulp 10%, Sugar 8%

Price: Should be about £1.00 for a 35oml can, from specialist retailers

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