Sunday, 7 June 2009

Marks & Spencer Cloudy Lemonade

Marks & Spencer Cloudy LemonadeMade by: Marks & Spencer plc

Origin: UK

The final new release in the M&S trio is this Cloudy Lemonade. With a very pale yellow colour, cloudy yet translucent and gently carbonated, it fades to a clear rim at the very edge of the glass.

It has a light, bright lemony nose (reminds me of lemon curd), with a 'freshly squeezed' yet powdery character (think of bitter lemon).

The initial impression on the palate is again light (read well-diluted) and sweet at first, before the 'bitter lemon' flavour takes hold. This increases its grip, with excellent balance now between the elements, before collapsing in a short finish and leaving a mild trace of bitterness in its wake.

Packaging claims: No artificial colours, no artificial flavourings, Vegetarian, traditional since 1934, a traditional recipe

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate (8%), lemon fruit from concentrate (4%), natural flavouring

Price: £0.63 for a 330ml can, from Marks & Spencer and Marks and Spencer Simply Food outlets

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