Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Marks & Spencer Ginger Beer

Marks & Spencer Ginger Beer
Made by: Marks & Spencer plc

Origin: UK

The second new release from M&S is this pale, cloudy Ginger Beer. In the glass it's gently carbonated, translucent and showing a watery rim at the edge of the glass. As it settles the nose is treated to the warm, spicy aroma of freshly grated ginger root.

On the palate this is light and sweet at first, then spicy and warming with a little more creaminess in the middle, with the peppery ginger, encouraged by a marked sweetness, becoming resurgent on the finish.

Packaging claims: No artificial colours, no artificial flavourings, Vegetarian, traditional since 1937, a traditional recipe

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, natural flavouring, citric acid, preservative E202

Price: £0.63 for a 330ml can, from Marks & Spencer and Marks and Spencer Simply Food outlets

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