Thursday 10 December 2009

Feelgood Drinks Co. Apple & Blueberry Juice Drink

Feelgood Drinks Apple & Blueberry Juice DrinkMade by: Feel Good Drinks Co.

Origin: UK

This still juice drink is a matt red-brown colour, flecked with purple. The aromas of the various fruit juices used produce an interesting result on the nose: Tomatoes and cherries with a drop of menthol. There is a suggestion of earthy blueberries, and a leafy note (think of hedgerows). The sweetness of purple grape and apple juices can also be detected.

On the palate there is plenty of dark, earthy blueberry fruit, and a brambly style develops. A taste of prune juice follows, together with sweet spices now like a fuit compote, and an unusual minty tang adds another point of interest before the short, clean finish.

This is well balanced and flavourful for a juice drink.

Packaging claims: Mixed fruit juice drink, no artificial nasties, fruit not sugar

Ingredients: Fruit juice from concentrate (reduced colour apple 75%, orange 8.7%, grape 5.6%, apple 5.1%, blueberry 0.5%), spring water, natural flavours, natural colours, fruit and plant extract, natural stabiliser; carob

Price: Should be about £1.20 for a 400ml PET bottle, widely available

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