Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fanta Orange

FantaMade by: Coca Cola Co

Origin: UK

The name Fanta derives from the German word 'Fantasie' meaning fantasy or imagination. It was created in Germany in 1940 during World War II, as a result of the fact that Coca Cola Co was unable to import Coke syrup due to the Allied blockade. Fanta was the first drink created by Coca Cola, after the original product.

Fanta is a rich yellow colour, sparkling and bright, with orange highlights at the rim of the glass. The nose is light and combines aromas of orange squash and concentrated orange juice. There is a distinct powdery style to this (think of barley water or crushed Disprin tablet).

On the palate it's brisk and lively, with the sweetness of concentrated orange juice nicely countered by an 'orange peel' bitterness. There is also a pleasant tang of acidity along the sides of the tongue. The overall effect is well balanced and satisfying, with plenty of orangey character, however it leaves behind a peculiar salty, metallic note in the aftertaste (possibly an effect of the sweeteners).

Packaging claims: Made with real fruit; No artificial flavours or colours; Tongue tingling sparkling orange fruit drink with sugar and sweeteners; made in GB

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar (from beet and/or cane), orange fruit from concentrate (5%), citric acid, vegetable concentrates (carrot, pumpkin), preservative (potassium sorbate), natural flavourings, sweeteners (sodium saccharin, aspartame), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), stabiliser (guar gum)

Price: Should be about £0.50-£0.60 for a 330ml can, widely available

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Pony Malt

Pony MaltMade by: Bavaria S.A.

Origin: Colombia

Imported into the UK: (tbc- sample bought in Spain)

This sparkling malt drink is a dark chocolate brown colour. The fine bubbles create a light 'head' on the drink, like a stout. The colour fades at the rim of the glass and takes on a greenish hue.

The aroma on the nose is pure malt extract, and there is a lovely scent of caramel. To add to this there is a treacly sweetness akin to a dark porter ale. As the drink warms up the aroma changes shape and becomes much drier, like cereal husks, and we detected more savoury notes of instant coffee granules and Marmite.

On the palate this drink starts dry, light and with a pronounced cereal husk flavour (think of a hay barn). Malt soon takes over, adding a little richness, with the taste of caramel, burnt sugar and a roasty note (reminds me of stout). A fresh, acidic quality now emerges to add a sense of balance, before the ride ends in a short finish.

Packaging claims: Nutritious and refreshing energy; refreshing drink of extracts

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, barley malt, carbon dioxide, colour caramel E150c, citric acid E330, flavourings, Niacin, Riboflavin and Thiamine

Price: Should be about €0.80/£0.70 for a 330ml glass bottle. Availability in the UK tbc