Wednesday 12 January 2011

Fever Tree Naturally Light Indian Tonic Water

Made by: Fevertree Ltd

Origin: UK

Fevertree Naturally Light tonic water uses pure fructose (fruit sugar) as a sweetener, instead of sucrose, thereby delivering 45% fewer calories than the standard product (20.5 Kcal per 100ml in this case).

This version is clear and bright, with fine bubbles rising steadily. Fresh lemon icing on the nose, this is delicate, powdery and very attractive.

On the palate there follows a fresh lemon citrus attack, with a zesty flavour and good intensity. This drink has a very clean mouthfeel (no cloying, oily or salty notes), with a firm and bone-dry finish.

We're not normally convinced by anything lighter or milder (read low calorie), but this one really works. The drink is well balanced and does not compromise on flavour. The key difference is that this version is drier on the finish compared to the regular ('Premium') version. All Fevertree drinks deliver on flavour and have a clean finish, which is really their signature.

Packaging claims: Lower in calories, Fever-Tree with 45% fewer calories, no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, contains natural quinine

Ingredients: Spring Water, Pure Fructose (fruit sugar), Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Natural Quinine

Price: Should be about £0.75 for a 200ml glass bottle (£3.00 for a 4 x 200ml pack), widely available