Sunday, 31 May 2009

Top Gin Korean Ginseng Drink

Made by: Da Jung Co Ltd

Origin: Korea

Imported into the UK: Korea Foods Co Ltd

This unusual drink contains a whole ginseng root. It is a bright yellow-gold colour, non-carbonated, with small flecks of the root in suspension. Nosing this, the aromas pass over an empty honey jar briefly to settle on freshly dug potatoes, covered in their soil, and geranium leaves (reminds me of a hot greenhouse).

The first sensation on the palate is initially sweet; honey and vanilla, followed by expansive flavours of oven roast vegetables (think of parsnips, potatoes and carrots). That earthy flavour returns, followed by a pleasant 'rooty' bitterness, and a very long, lingering mildly peppery, earthy finish.

A fascinating drink, complex and uniquely refreshing.

Packaging claims: Wheat free, Nut free, Dairy free; Korea 'INSAM' original name of best Ginseng, Ginseng-D; Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate

Ingredients: White Ginseng, honey, citric acid, Vitamin C, trisodium citrate, DL-malic acid, nicotinamide, fructose, purified water, sodium benzoate

Price: Should be about £3.00 for a 120ml glass bottle, from specialist retailers

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