Thursday, 24 September 2009


OranginaMade by: Schweppes International Ltd (under licence)

Origin: UK

Orangina was formulated in 1933 by a Spanish chemist from Valencia. It's original name was 'Naranjina', and it became famous for the iconic design of its 25cl/250ml glass bottles. These are teardrop shaped, and have a mottled texture that resembles the surface of citrus fruit.

Orangina is a pale, matt yellow colour with a deeper orange hue that develops towards the rim of the glass. It contains a small amount of orange fruit pulp, and the lively carbonation soon settles down when the drink is poured into the glass.

On the nose the aroma of sweet, dilute fresh orange juice is quickly lost in a tangle of other citrus notes, with grapefruit and lemon just about distinguishable.

For a brief moment on the palate the light orange flavour is tangy and refreshing. But the balance is swiftly hijacked by the sharper flavours of grapefruit and lemon. The bitterness of orange zest adds an unexpected hollow quality (reminds me of soda water), before a short finish disperses to leave a metallic note in the aftertaste.

Packaging claims: No added artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners, with real orange pieces, shake it to wake it, natural and authentic taste of oranges with real fruit pieces, if spilt this product may stain

Ingredients: Carbonated water, orange juice and other citrus juices from concentrate 12% (orange 10%, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin), sugar, orange pulp (2%), orange zest extract, natural flavourings

Price: Should be about £0.70-£0.80 for a 330ml can, widely available

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