Tuesday, 8 September 2009

T.A.S. Mangosteen juice drink

T.A.S. Mangosteen juice drinkMade by: Vara Food & Drink Co Ltd

Origin: Thailand

Imported into the UK: TRS Wholsale Co Ltd

The purple mangosteen is the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree that is thought to have originated in Indonesia and is commonly found across Southeast Asia. Mangosteens are known as the 'Queen of fruits' and are believed to have cooling (Yin) properties that counter the heat & humidity of the tropics.

This mangosteen juice drink is an off-white cloudy colour and contains a fine fruit puree (reminds me of pear juice). It is non sparkling, with pale yellow highlights and a watery rim at the edge of the glass. When opened and poured out, fine bubbles appear at the edge of the liquid, although these cannot be detected on the palate.

On the nose it is aromatic, fresh and appetisingly fruity. The aromas alternate between ripe Comice pear and nectarine. We also detected notes of lychee, and there is a creamy vanilla quality to this (think of a fresh custard).

What follows on the palate is lighter by comparison, with fresh pear juice flavours, plenty of sweetness and a milky, round texture in the mouth. A blackcurrant note emerges, followed by a gentle citrus tang (akin to pear drops), before the drink ends in a short, clean finish.

Packaging claims: None

Ingredients: Water, mangosteen puree (10%), cane sugar

Price: Should be about £0.80 for a 310ml can, from specialist retailers

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