Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Organic Sparkling Cranberry

Organic Sparkling CranberryMade by: Whole Earth Foods

Origin: UK

This organic juice drink is a clear, pale salmon pink colour. When poured out, a series of fine pinhead bubbles rise steadily from various points in the glass.

There is a striking floral nose to this, quite unexpected but enticing with aromas of rose petal and carnations. A sweeter, more concentrated layer of wine gums and turkish delight lies beneath.

The delicate, balanced flavours on the palate are a delight. The impression is light but satisfying, not dilute. The appetising sour-sweet duet of the cranberry has acquired a distinctive blackcurrant twist here, with a drop of cordial coming through. We also detected an interesting grassy pepper note that may hint at the agave syrup used (the drink's sweetener). Fruit gums appear on the finish: Altogether a very refreshing experience.

Packaging claims: Soil Association Organic, no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Vegetarian Society Approved, produced to strict organic standards, as this drink is made from natural ingredients it may contains a slight sediment
Ingredients: Sparkling water, organic agave syrup, organic cranberry juice from concentrate (4%), organic lemon juice from concentrate (1%), natural flavourings

Price: Should be about £0.80 for a 330ml can, from branches of Asda, health and wholefood stores and specialist cafes

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