Tuesday, 7 July 2009


SpriteMade by: Coca-Cola Co

Origin: USA

Imported in the UK: Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

The Coca-Cola company launched Sprite in 1961, to compete with 7 Up in the sparkling lemon & lime flavour category. 7 Up's popularity had grown steadily since the 1920s. Sprite was initially marketed as a drink mixer (like bitter lemon or tonic) for use with alcoholic drinks like vodka and whisky.

Sprite is an almost colourless, clear carbonated drink with a very faint yellow hue. It emits a steady stream of fine pinhead bubbles when poured.

The nose is very light, pleasant but fleeting. The aromas, as with the flavours, have been carefully spliced together so as to be almost inseperable. Teasing them apart reveals a sliver of lime marmalade, a drop of Jif lemon juice and a sprinkled mix of powdered sugar and crushed Disprin tablet.

On the palate Sprite is a light (read well-diluted), sweet soda with ephemeral flavours of Key lime pie, Rose's lime cordial and lemon tart filling. The faint powdery aroma (Disprin again) barely emerges in the flavour before the drink disappears in a short finish.

Packaging claims: A fresh tasting, sparkling lemon & lime soft drink; Real lemon & lime flavour, no artificial colours, caffeine free

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, acidity regulator (E331), flavourings, preservative (E211)

Price: Should be about £0.50-£0.60 for a 330ml can, widely available

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