Wednesday, 22 July 2009


CamilcaMade by: Ulker

Origin: Turkey

Imported into the UK: Sweetworld Ltd

Camilca is a sparkling Turkish lemonade. It is a colourless, clear and bright liquid. When poured out, steady streams of fine bubbles appear from various points in the glass (reminds me of a good sparkling wine).

One the nose the juicy scent of 'super ripe' lemons is mouthwatering. A sweet, clean smell that's lightly dusted with a combination of powdered sugar and crushed Disprin tablet.

On the palate Camilca is one of the lightest drinks we have come across at the Drink Station. A flavour of lemon panna cotta is followed by a warmer, sweeter note (think of vanilla custard). There is a curious tonic-like sensation at the end, possibly quinine, that had me searching through the recipe books.

The short finish arrives all too quickly nonetheless, however in spite of this Camilca manages to be a remarkably clean and refreshing drink.

Packaging claims: Lemon aromated soft drink

Ingredients: Water, saccharose, glucose syrup, citric acid (E330), acidity regulator (E331), nature identical flavours (lemon), preservative (E202)

Price: Should be about £0.70 for a 250ml glass bottle, from specialist retailers

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