Monday, 15 February 2010

Vita Coco 100% pure Coconut Water

Vita Coco 100% pure Coconut WaterMade by: Paraipaba Agroindustrial Ltda. (for All Market Inc.)

Origin: Brazil

Imported into the UK by: Marigold Health Foods Ltd

The rising tide of interest in coconut water, the natural juice of young (green) coconuts, has become something of a media phenomenon in the USA of late. Coconut Water is already a well-established health and hydration drink in Asia, Central and South America. We decided to find out what all the fuss is about...

Vita Coco is a pale, off white colour. The drink is still, translucent and contains a small amount of fine coconut particles floating in suspension.

The aromas on the nose are fairly challenging: Tropical fish tanks, warm pondweed, and a whiff of ripe Brie cheese all come to mind. There is something vegetal at work here, that carries a damp and 'closed' quality.

Moving to the taste, Vita Coco is at once fresh, softly textured, with a roundness on the palate and a delicate 'salty sweet' flavour. There is a nutty, green husk flavour next (reminds me of sugar cane or aloe vera) followed by a late burst of soft young coconut meat.

This drink has a long, satisfying aftertaste during which the experience takes shape, and the promise of having just drunk from a freshly opened coconut finally comes into focus.

Packaging claims: Like sticking a straw in a coconut, hydrate naturally, more electrolytes than leading sports drinks with 15 times the potassium, has more potassium than two bananas, 100% natural, the beauty of one ingredient

Ingredients: Natural Coconut Water

Price: Should be about £1.70 for a 330ml Tetra Pack carton, available from Selfridges & Co and health food stores

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