Monday, 11 January 2010

V-Fresh Lemongrass drink with Basil seed

V-Fresh Lemongrass Drink with Basil seedMade by: V. Thai Food Product Co Ltd

Origin: Thailand

Imported into the UK by: Manning Impex Ltd

The strain of lemongrass that is most readily consumed in food and drink today is believed to have originated in Malaysia. As well as being a component of soft drink recipes, it is also drunk as a tea. Citral, a chemical component of lemongrass, has been shown to have significant anti-cancer properties. Basil seeds are often added to drinks and desserts in Thailand to add texture, like tapioca. The seeds become gelatinous when added to liquids.

This drink is a bright lemon yellow colour, with a greenish tint. It is non-sparkling, and contains a large number of black basil seeds in suspension.

On the nose a warm, mellow aroma of barley sugar and lemon jelly is inviting. The combination brings to mind sugar-dusted lemon travel sweets. Beneath this there lies a woody, earthy note of lemongrass sticks.

What follows on the palate is broadly consistent, with soft, warm flavours of lemon jelly mix and barley sugar. There is a light oiliness and that earthy, now grassy note stays in the frame. The basil seeds add a light texture (like tapioca pearls), with a bite similar to eating a Kiwi fruit. The drink ends in a short finish.

Packaging claims: No presevatives

Ingredients: Water, lemongrass (15%), basil seed (12.5%), fructose syrup, sugar, colour E102 & E133

Price: Should be about £0.75 for a 290ml glass bottle, available from specialist retaliers , and in and around Chinatown

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